High Legh Park 21st October 2020

Am Am Winners Jimmy O'Reilly (Ellesmere) & Paddy Doyle (Worsley)

Sponsored by Sean Owen, Professional Bolton Old Links Golf Club

There was a pleasing full house for the latest fixture and High Legh Park Golf Club put on a great venue both on and off the course and we were blessed with reasonable weather as the final groups just about beat the rapidly fading light.
The quality of the course and the excellent greens invited some good golf and it reaped its rewards in a terrific competition for the prizes on offer.
It was back to his golfing roots for Disley assistant professional Ian Ridgway who spent several of his formative golfing years at High Legh and was delighted to meet up with his old friend Andrew McKenzie, the teaching professional at High Legh.
Ian was inspired to post a five-under-par 41 points to win the individual professional prize by a point from Rob Braithwaite, Grant Hamerton (Pike Fold) and his Disley boss Scott Jackson.
Davenport’s Jamie Howarth found an excellent partner in club colleague Brad Cooke as they took the pro am section with an impressive 46 points from Rob Braithwaite and Matthew Whittaker (Helsby) who won a cpo on 43 from Craig Corrigan and Mark Riley (Leigh).
Swinton Park’s ever smiling Jimmy O’Reilly also found an excellent partner in the "Jolly Green Giant", Paddy Knowles (Worsley GC) as they combined superbly for 43 points to win the Am Am section from Steve Finan and Martin Dwyer (Stamford) 42 and Adam Wells and Ian Fearns, also Stamford, 41.
Taking the nearest the pin prize to complete a great day for the Alliance was Mark Riley (Leigh).

Pro Individual

1 Ian Ridgway (Disley) 41
2 Rob Braithwaite 40
2 Scott Jackson (Disley) 40
2 Grant Hamerton (Pike Fold) 40
5 Sean Owen (Bolton Old Links) 39
6 Jamie Howarth (Davenport) 38
6 Mark Hancock (Stand) 38
8 Iain Davie (Hazel Grove) 37
9 Sean Blinkhorn (Leigh) 36
9 Andy Palmer (Chorley) 36
11 Craig Corrigan 35
11 Dave Green (Dukinfield) 35
11 Ellis Ostheimer (Bramhall) 35
11 Gary Brown (Glossop) Cap. MDGA 35
15 Scott Howarth (Davenport) 34
16 Martyn Hamer (Davyhulme Park) 33
17 Tim Maxwell (Knutsford) 32
17 Mark Smith (Stamford) 32
17 Colin Maroney 32
17 Kris Andrews (Ashton on Mersey) 32
17 Tony Stevens (Davenport) 32
22 Graham Neville (Northenden) 31
22 Andy Bridgewood (Flixton) 31
22 Bob Wood (Accrington) 31
25 Matt Kay (Ashton under Lyne) 30
25 Andy Earlam (Saddleworth) 30
25 David Wheeler (Crewe) 30
25 Tom Fenton (Styal) 30
29 John Brown (Ellesmere) 29
29 Mike Boyle (Ashton under Lyne) 29
31 Tony Cuppello 26
32 Chris Bibby (Whitefield) 25

Pro Am

Pos PRO AM Points
1 Jamie Howarth (Davenport) Brad Cooke (Davenport) 46
2 Rob Braithwaite Matthew Whittaker (Helsby) 45
2 Craig Corrigan Mark Riley (Leigh) 45
4 Ian Ridgway (Disley) Dave Bradbury (Disley) 44
4 Grant Hamerton (Pike Fold) Rob Bannister (Pike Fold) 44
6 Dave Green (Dukinfield) Paul Crisp (Ashton on Mersey) 43
6 Scott Howarth (Davenport) Chris Alexander (Mellor & Townscliffe) 43
6 Mark Hancock (Stand) James Hancock (Stand) 43
6 Martyn Hamer (Davyhulme Park) Charlie Ward (Davyhulme Park) 43
10 Matt Kay (Ashton under Lyne) Callum O’Neill (Ashton under Lyne) 42
10 Tom Fenton (Styal) Mike Fenton (Styal) 42
10 Iain Davie (Hazel Grove) Hannah Morrison (Hazel Grove) 42
13 Tim Maxwell (Knutsford) Adam Carolan (Knutsford) 41
14 Sean Owen (Bolton Old Links) Steve Bryan (Bolton Old Links) 40
14 Andy Bridgewood (Flixton) Greg Norbury (Flixton) 40
14 Scott Jackson (Disley) Steve Misell (Disley) 40
14 Sean Blinkhorn (Leigh) Dan Crook (Leigh) 40
14 Ellis Ostheimer (Bramhall) Mike Lamb (Bramhall) 40
14 Andy Palmer (Chorley) Paul Barlow (Stamford) 40
20 Andy Earlam (Saddleworth) Joe Wridley (Saddleworth) 39
20 Colin Maroney Joe Donnelly (Harwood) 39
20 John Brown (Ellesmere) Ahmed Guds (Mere) 39
20 Bob Wood (Accrington) Dave Waite (Accrington) 39
20 Gary Brown (Glossop) Cap. MDGA Richard Blackwell (Mottram Hall) 39
25 Kris Andrews (Ashton on Mersey) Ged Stelfox (Fairfield) 38
26 Tony Cuppello Darren Tickle (Blackley) 37
26 Mike Boyle (Ashton under Lyne) Gareth White (Ashton under Lyne) 37
26 Mark Smith (Stamford) Paul Eddlestone (Stamford) 37
26 David Wheeler (Crewe) Matt Taylor (Crewe) 37
26 Tony Stevens (Davenport) Dave Kelly (Davenport) 37
31 Graham Neville (Northenden) Sam Hickson (Worsley) 36
32 Chris Bibby (Whitefield) Lee Armstrong (Whitefield) 31

Am Am

Pos AM AM Points
1 Jimmy O’Reilly (Swinton Park) Paddy Knowles (Worsley) 43
2 Steve Finan (Stamford) Martin Dwyer (Stamford) 42
3 Adam Wells (Stamford) Ian Fearns (Stamford) 41
3 Paul Robinson (Davenport) Archie Palmer (Davenport) 41
5 John Crisp (Ashton on Mersey) Alex Bagley (Ashton on Mersey) 40
5 Steve Edmonds (Worsley Marriott) Scott Ryan (Worsley Marriott) 40
7 Tony Smith (Stamford) Mike Hewitt (Stamford) 39
7 Ian Taylor (Swinton Park) Alan Leigh (Swinton Park) 39
7 George Buchan (Sale) Brian Rogerson (Sale) 39
10 Scott Crighton (High Legh Park) David Hope (High Legh Park) 38
10 Dave Smith (Ellesmere) Danny Beeley (Ellesmere) 38
10 John Kilner (Worsley Marriott) Terry O'Mara (Ellesmere) 38
10 Paul Cunliffe (Worsley Marriott) John Lamb (Worsley Marriott) 38
10 Paul Traynor (Stamford) Richard Margrave (Stamford) 38
10 Carl Fernival (High Legh) Chris Givvans (High Legh) 38
16 Paul Thornley (Flixton) Chris Mulhearn (Flixton) 37
16 Chris Lee (Mellor & Townscliffe) Tony Woodford (Mellor & Townscliffe) 37
16 Norman Haslam (Stand) Steve Grimley (Walmersley) 37
16 Andy Kershaw (Ellesmere) Ian Hughes (Ellesmere) 37
20 Matt Buckley (Bolton Old Links) Phil Cork (Bolton Old Links) 36
20 Tad Knebel (Saddleworth) Joe Ridley (Saddleworth) 36
20 Dave Rothwell (Shaw Hill) Zak Rothwell (Shaw Hill) 36
20 Josh Ashton (Bolton) Chris Parkinson (Penwortham) 36
24 Thomas Simpson (Stamford) Nick Rabbeth (Stamford) 34
25 John Lowther Cap (High Legh Park) Will Nowerr (High Legh Park) 32
  Don Milligan (Ashton on Mersey) Andy Hall (Styal) 0
  Ian Ralph (Hazel Gove) Chris Jones (Stamford) 0