City Glass Foursomes Winners 2023 - Davenport GC

Davenport win another thrilling final

DAVYHULME Park Golf Club stepped in as late hosts for the long-running Alliance Inter Club Knock Out final for the City glass sponsored Men’s Foursomes.

The competition sees seven pairs representing each team and to give more players in clubs the chance to represent their club their team has to have a range of handicaps.

Almost 100 clubs entered and making it through to the final with great pride were Davenport and Heaton Park Golf Clubs. They enjoyed a splendid course and excellent hospitality at Davyhulme Park GC with great help from their professional Martyn Hamer - for many years a loyal supporter of the Alliance.

Davenport got off to a flier winning the first three matches through Kane McCumskey and Mike Hillier 4/3, Louis McCumskey and Chris Bray 4/2 and Phil Housley and Chris Bray 4/3.

But Heaton Park showed their fighting spirit as John Hunt and John Winstanley put their first point on the board with a tense win on the 19th.

Ian Black and Neil Rodda kept up the Park momentum with a 2/1 win to keep the tie on a knife edge. But Davenport clinched victory with a 2/1 win for Andy Knight and Steve Sewell and conceded the last match to John Bowers and Paul Gordon to celebrate victory in style after being presented with the historic trophy and their prizes by Alliance President Ian Brooks (Bolton Old Links).

Ian gave deserving thanks to hosts Davyhulme Park, competition organisers and all of the players and supporters for making this another memorable and excellent Alliance final.

Geoff Garnett

Matches are to be played under R&A Rules and Local Rules in Force on the Day

  1. Each Team will consist of 14 players with the Handicap Index limit of not more than 20.0.

    2. The team must include five players with a WHS Handicap* Index* of 9.0 and under. The remaining nine players must have a Handicap Index of 9.1 to 20.0 inclusive. Teams can play in any handicap combination.

    3. All players must be over the age of 18 years of age on 1st January 2023.

    4. The stroke allowance will be the full difference between 50% the combined handicaps taken from the course handicap. This is achieved by both players in a team ascertaining their COURSE HANDICAP. The Course Handicap of the two players is then added together and divided by 50%. (Rounded up if necessary).
    The other team then does the same and the full difference between the two totals is the stroke allowance for the match.

    5. In the event of an individual match between four players finishing all square the match will be awarded to the away team.

    6. Before play commences the team captains must exchange team sheets with the order of play. The order of play will be as the team sheet. Any team failing to field a full team will forfeit the match not played. The opponents of the forfeited match must be in attendance and ready to play in order to claim the match.

    7. Members of more than one MDGA club can only elect to play for one nominated club in all 2023 MDGA team knockouts.

    8. A draw will be made for each round. The first named in the draw will be the home side and as such are responsible for arranging the match within the specified schedule. Failure to do so will result in disqualification. BOTH TEAMS should make every effort to open lines of communication on receipt of the draw.

    9. The HOME TEAM must offer a choice of four dates at least two of which must be either a Saturday or Sunday. The home team are under no obligation to offer any alternative dates to these four dates. The home team will decide on which tee are to be used for the match i.e white or yellow.

    10. Extensions to the closing date will not be granted and it is recommended that matches are played as early as possible so as to allow for a re-arranged match in the event of adverse weather conditions and course closures.

    11. A courtesy round should be offered for each round for a maximum of eight pairs. Arrangements are to be made between the relevant team captains.

    12. If a match is not completed in the specified time the MDGA Executive will adjudicate.

    13. The winners must notify the MDGA secretary of the result by text or email by the closing date of each round.

    14. Use of Buggies. Please refer to the MDGA Buggy Policy on the website.

    15. Should any contingency arise which is not covered by the rules the decision of the MDGA Executive will be final.

City Glass Trophy Final


Please ensure that their proposed team to play in the final is emailed to by 8pm Saturday 23rd September at the latest.

Please include the players handicap to the correct decimal point. Any changes to the team must be advised to MDGA by 12.15pm on the day of the final.

Confirmed team sheets will be circulated to both team managers by 12.45pm when the team managers will have the opportunity to verify that all the details and ensure that handicaps and shots received are correct.

On the day of the final tea and sandwiches will be available for team members and officials before the match commences and the presentation for both runners up and winners will take place immediately after the conclusion of the match.

Once a team reaches the required number of points to win the match all remaining pairs will be called in to the clubhouse

Best of luck to both teams

MDGA Executive

Heaton Park v Davenport