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Flixton Golf Club moves into a bright future

FLIXTON Golf Club has emerged from the depths of Covid 19 and a devastating flood to carry out their great plans to make great improvements to their clubhouse and course by investing over £150,000 in 2021.
Flixton committee member, former Captain and club stalwart Chris Mulhearn explained how this has been achieved in such difficult circumstances.
Chris said: “Having this amount of money to invest is down to good financial management.
We’ve steadily increased our membership over the past few years without the need to give away excessive financial incentives, we also received some grant funding, but when COVID struck we were concerned that our planning had all been in vain.
Our members remained loyal and supported us but the revenue loss from the bar and room hire looked as if the plans to invest over £150.000 this year would be put on hold, however the generosity of current and past members and ‘Friends of Flixton from all corners of the world’ contributed to a crowd-funding appeal, that plugged this hole and we were able to continue as planned.
The improvements start on your arrival, with a new main road frontage giving that welcome feeling with new illuminated signs throughout.
The upgrades to our locker room, shower and toilet facilities now give our members a first class facility to be proud off.
We have also redecorated all of our entrance areas and the shop will follow soon – gone are the old fashioned dark woods to be replaced with light oak and bright spaces.
New signage has been fitted in all areas of the club as well as on the course including tee markers giving a modern lift to the whole experience.
Three new pieces of equipment have been purchased for our greens team which are already beginning to reap rewards to playing conditions.
There has also been a major investment in new drainage which will ensure we remain open except in extreme circumstances, as well as major work at the first and fifth greens as part of our continued course improvement plan.
Given the extreme flooding (we were thinking of changing our name to Flixton Golf and SailingClub when the River Mersey flooded the course) we had which affected us for three weeks the members have been ‘bowled over’ with what they saw when allowed back.
The improvements we have seen will be ongoing, The shop is next, a full refurbishment as well as planned upgrades to bar and function room facilities.
But most importantly the continued improvement of our course. The five year plan will see the removal and repositioning of several more bunkers, a tree management programme will lead to the highlighting of feature trees thereby allowing an increased air flow and sunlight to certain areas.
Upgrades to tees and general aesthetic improvements to the course.
We are also well advanced with SafeGolf and are keen to engage with all parts of our community to become a much more accessible and inclusive facility and would love to engage with any local organisations that feel that we could help.
The flood saw parts of the course under seven feet of water and we begged and hired the necessary equipment and that’s when a team shows its strength. Our Green Staff supported by our fantastic volunteers all manned the pumps – literally. 24 hours a day seven days a week.
When the water was gone then came the clean-up of all the debris for full on three weeks but what an achievement – you can hardly notice we ever had an issue.
What we have achieved these last months in the face of the worst crisis our Country has faced since WW2 makes you proud to be a part of such a great club.
The members have been fantastic and accepted that we have all needed to pull together and are an integral part of everything that has been achieved.
But special mention needs going out to our green staff and the team of volunteers who have achieved so much these last months even when faced with the severe flooding we had.
Also Gary Kemple and Paul Mann for their workmanship and knowledge in the improvements we have made to the clubhouse – both have worked tirelessly to ensure this has been achieved to the correct standards.
And to Dave Wilde for all his help and knowledge in manufacturing and designing the signs and looking after our needs.
Our Captain and President were asked by Council to stay and hopefully finally enjoy the year they should have had. Ian Stringer our Captain agreed however The President was unable due to personal commitments so Chris Gorton will be our new President this year.
Membership is almost at capacity – we could probably get another five x 7 day members and the same for 5 day but we are mindful not to get carried away as the last thing we want is members not being able to play in competitions and being rationed to when they are allowed to enter events.
The Ladies section is strengthening and have seen a steady influx over the last couple of years – there are still opportunities and with a series of their competitions now being played on Sundays it has helped attract Ladies who have full time jobs.
We have 40 juniors registered as members, our President is leading our SafeGolf certification so as this approaches completion a much higher profile set of coaching workshops are expected with our juniors."