Jason ready for new role at Saddleworth

JASON Williams has continued in his ambitions in professional golf by joining Andrew Earlam’s professional team at Saddleworth Golf Club.
Usually golfers beginning the PGA qualification course are young men but at Brookdale Golf Club Jason, a late starter in golf, bucked this trend.
Jason, a former serving policeman, explained: “My path in golf is quite simple - I started playing casual golf a few years ago for fun and seemed to take to it.
“I entered club tournaments with success which was limited due to my shift work at the time and gradually my handicap reduced.
“As my handicap reduced I was guided by Brookdale professional Karen Heywood but unfortunately suffered an injury whereby my kneecap was broken which I had to have repaired by taking away my cartilage and this has left me with no nerve endings in my right leg and no feeling from my thigh to my calf.
“During my rehabilitation over a two and a half year period, I continued to play golf as movement assisted me with the pain I was experiencing.”
“I reduced my handicap from 12 to four and was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to be the Assistant Professional at Brookdale G.C while taking a three-year undergraduate degree course in Golf Studies having turned professional at the end of September 2017.
“I was delighted to get the qualification- it was more of an achievement passing the PGA and finding the correct role for my first position as a full professional than any accolades in golf. This was due to my health/injury and change in career path as I have only known how to Police for the last 17 years and the importance was to succeed with my degree and then find the right Club.
“I felt welcomed straight away from meeting Andy and his team and look forward to a future partnership as it has been a sporadic start to my career with the lockdowns which has been hard on all golfers and Professionals but I am eager to take up my position and become a part of the Saddleworth team.
“I hope to get to know the members through coaching and look forward to driving the Saddleworth Youth Academy along with Andy. I also look forward to playing on the members’ tour and also Pro Ams with Saddleworth members.
Andrew added: “I am really looking forward to Jason being part of the Professional team at Saddleworth Golf Club, his role will be primarily focused on coaching, he will be key to developing the Junior section, the academy members and group coaching sessions.

Geoff Garnett