Styal 28th October 2020

Am Am winners Darren & Elliott Tickle

Sponsored by Jimmy O'Reilly's Mini Cabs

Styal Golf Club made sterling efforts to be able to stage the latest competition after horrendous rain earlier in the week.
The club did superbly well to get the course in great condition considering the problems they had to overcome and this was backed up off the course by excellent service in the revamped Clubhouse.
There was a full field for the competition which featured a very successful two tee start and it proved to be a struggle for the individual professionals to beat par.
In the end there was a tie for top spot on 36 points between the previous week’s winner Ian Ridgway (Disley) and Scott Howarth (Davenport) who finished one point ahead of Andy Palmer (Chorley), Phil Archer (Poulton Park), Mark Hancock (Stand) and Tim Maxwell (Knutsford).
It proved to be a good day for the Howarth family as Scott’s brother Jamie (also Davenport) won back to back events with fellow club partner Brad Cooke. Having won the previous week at High Legh Park they continued their fine form to rack up a very impressive 45 points to win the Pro Am section.
In joint second place with 43 points were Andy Palmer and Keith Ashton (Bolton), Dave Smith (Swinton Park) and event sponsor Jimmy O’Reilly (Ellesmere), (pictured above), Phil Archer and Mark Pasquill (Leigh) and Scott Howarth and Chris Alexander (Mellor and Townscliffe).
Ashton-on-Mersey pair Paul Crisp and Gordon Hamlett looked to have the top Am Am spot nailed on with an early great score of 45 points only to be denied by the last pair in the dynamic father and son duo of Darren and Elliott Tickle (Blackley) who scored 46 points.
Third spot with 44 points went to Ellesmere’s Phil Reeve and Adam Jones with home player Dylan Bennett winning the nearest the pin prize.


Pos Pro’s Individual Pts
1 Scott Howarth (Davenport) 36
1 Ian Ridgway (Disley) 36
3 Tim Maxwell (Knutsford) 35
3 Phil Archer (Poulton Park) 35
3 Mark Hancock (Stand) 35
3 Andy Palmer (Chorley) 35
7 Craig Corrigan 34
7 Dave Smith (Swinton Park) 34
7 Jamie Howarth (Davenport) 34
7 Iain Davie (Hazel Grove) 34
7 Grant Hamerton (Pike Fold) 34
12 Gary Brown (Glossop) Captain MDGA 33
12 Sean Blinkhorn (Leigh) 33
14 Colin Maroney 31
14 Andy Bridgewood (Flixton) 31
14 Tony Stevens (Davenport) 31
14 Scott Jackson (Disley) 31
14 Steve Ingham (Blackley) 31
19 Kris Andrews (Ashton on Mersey) 29
19 Martyn Hamer (Davyhulme Park) 29
21 Ben Thompson (Sale) 28
21 Andy Earlam (Saddleworth) 28
21 Tony Cuppello (Pike Fold) 28
Pos Pro Am Pts
1 Jamie Howarth (Davenport) Brad Cooke (Davenport) 45
2 Andy Palmer (Chorley) Keith Ashton (Bolton) 43
2 Dave Smith (Swinton Park) Jimmy O'Reilly (Sponsor) 43
2 Phil Archer (Poulton Park) Mark Pasquill (Leigh) 43
2 Scott Howarth (Davenport) Chris Alexander (Mellor & Townscliffe) 43
6 Colin Maroney Joe Donnelly (Harwood) 42
6 Iain Davie (Hazel Grove) Josh Naden (Hazel Grove) 42
8 Gary Brown (Glossop) Capt MDGA Richard Blackwell (Mottram Hall) 41
8 Tim Maxwell (Knutsford) Simon Maxwell (Styal) 41
10 Tony Stevens (Davenport) Archie Palmer (Davenport) 40
10 Tom Fenton (Styal) Mike Fenton (Styal) 40
10 Steve Ingham (Blackley) Nigel Bowers (Blackley) 40
10 Scott Jackson (Disley) Steve Misell (Disley) 40
10 Grant Hamerton (Pike Fold) Steve Neary (Pike Fold) 40
15 Craig Corrigan Phil Millward (Hindley Hall) 39
15 Sean Blinkhorn (Leigh) Charles Herbert (Styal) 39
15 Andy Earlam (Saddleworth) Dean Jagger (Saddleworth) 39
15 Andy Bridgewood (Flixton) Greg Norbury (Flixton) 39
15 Ian Ridgway (Disley) Dave Bradbury (Disley) 39
20 Martyn Hamer (Davyhulme Park) Steve Hamer (North Manchester) 37
20 Mark Hancock (Stand) James Hancock (Stand) 37
20 Tony Cuppello (Pike Fold) Mark WIndows (Worsley Marriott) 37
23 Kris Andrews (Ashton on Mersey) John Aikenhead (Ashton on Mersey) 36
24 Ben Thompson (Sale) Martin Keates (Sale) 35
Pos Am Am Pts
1 Darren Tickle (Blackley) Elliott Tickle (Blackley) 46
2 Paul Crisp (Ashton on Mersey) Gordon Hamlett (Ashton on Mersey) 45
3 Phil Reeve (Ellesmere) Adam Jones (Ellesmere) 44
4 Dave Rothwell (Shaw Hill) Zak Rothwell (Shaw Hill) 43
5 Don Milligan (Ashton on Mersey) Andy Hall (Styal) 42
5 Paul Ralph (Hazel Grove) Chris Jones (Stamford) 42
7 Chris Lee (Mellor and Townscliffe) Tony Woodford (Mellor & Townscliffe) 41
8 Jason Kelly (Accrington) Kev Taylor (Accrington) 40
8 Dave Smith (Ellesmere) Danny Beeley (Ellesmere) 40
10 Sam Hinchcliffe (Styal) Robert Laurent (Dukinfield) 39
11 Lee Foley (Withington) Paul Simons (Withington) 38
11 Tony Stiles (Sale) Dave Chambers (Sale) 38
11 Neale Laurent (Dukinfield) John Harrop (Dukinfield) 38
11 Tom Bloor (Styal) Chris Hart (Styal) 38
11 Andy Dunster (Saddleworth) Nick Marner (Saddleworth) 38
11 Ryan Owen (Styal) Dylan Bennett (Styal) 38
17 Andy Kershaw (Ellesmere) Juan Manzano (Ellesmere) 37
17 Alan Leigh (Sponsor’s Guests) Ian Taylor 37
17 Tony Palmer (Chorley) Paul Barlow (Stamford) 37
20 Steve Finan (Stamford) Martin Dwyer (Stamford) 36
21 Richard Margrave (Stamford) Duncan Hough (Stamford) 35
21 Dom Curley (Harwood) Mikesh Misty (Harwood) 35
21 Neil Brownhill (Styal) Kevin Doherty (Styal) 35
24 Paul Thornley (Flixton) Chris Mulhearn (Flixton) 34
24 Phil Ramsden (Stamford) Chris Hey (Stamford) 34
26 Thomas Simpson (Stamford) Nick Rabbeth (Stamford) 33
26 Bill Wood (Accrington) Dave Waite (Accrington) 33
28 Adam Wells (Stamford) William Corless (Stamford) 32
29 Pete Cordwell (Styal) Ian Bloor (Styal) 30
29 Kenny Mayoh Capt (Styal) Alan Mayoh (Blackley) 30
31 Dave Chapman (Saddleworth) Tad Knebel (Saddleworth) 29
31 Steve Asquith (Saddleworth) Joe Ridley (Saddleworth) 29