Sale 14th October 2020

Hancock Trophy Winners Frank and Kate McKenna (Ringway GC) pictured with MDGA Secretary Ian Hales (centre)

Sponsored by John Davies 'Urmston Service Station'

The annual contest for the historic Hancock Trophy enjoyed a great day at the traditional venue of Sale Golf Club with the players enjoying excellent weather and a course in fine condition.
The early leaders with 42 points were Knutsford professional Tim Maxwell and his wife Suzy (pictured right with Alliance President, Ian Brooks) and they looked to be cruising to victory before there came the strong sting in the tail of the field from Ringway’s Frank and Kate McKenna who tore to the top of the leaderboard with a scorching haul of 45 points.
It was more than enough to take the trophy, which goes to the top score by a club duo, back to their club for what is believed to be the first-ever time that Ringway have provided the winners.
It also saw them top the Am Am section ahead of Anthony Phillips (Ashton-on-Mersey) and Lesley Moore (Sale) who won a cpo on 41 points from last year’s Sale Captains Terry Crewe and Jenny Page.
The Maxwells held on to top spot in the pro am section one point ahead of Davyhulme Park’s Martyn Hamer and Carol Brady who were one point clear of Iain Davie and Jan Hare, Hazel Grove.
Making his a double was the pro individual winner Tim Maxwell with 40 points from Iain Davie 39 and Phil Archer (Poulton Park) 37.
The nearest the pin winner was Gerry Gee from Chorlton cum Hardy GC.

1 Tim Maxwell (Knutsford) 40   1 Tim Maxwell (Knutsford) & Suzy Maxwell (Knutsford) 42
2 Iain Davie (Hazel Grove) 39   2 Martyn Hamer (Davyhulme Park) & Carol Brady (Davyhulme Park) 41
3 Phil Archer (Poulton Park) 37   3 Iain Davie (Hazel Grove) & Jan Hare (Hazel Grove) 40
4 Gary Brown MDGA Captain (Glossop) 33   4 Steve Ingham (Blackley) & Susan Oldham (Blackley) 38
5 Steve Ingham (Blackley) 30   5 Andy Bridgewood (Flixton) & Pam Stevens (Davenport 37
6 Andy Bridgewood (Flixton) 28   6 Gary Brown MDGA Captain (Glossop) & Kim Jackson (Mellor & Townscliffe) 37
7 Martyn Hamer (Davyhulme Park) 28   7 Phil Archer (Poulton Park) & Hilary Clover (Poulton Park) 37
8 Andy Green (Dunscar) 25   8 Andy Green (Dunscar) & Jackie Hart (Stand) 35
NR Tony Stevens (Davenport) NR   NR Tony Stevens (Davenport) & Sue Royle (Sale) NR NR
1 Frank McKenna (Ringway) & Kate McKenna (Ringway) 45
2 Lesley Moore (Sale) & Anthony Phillips (Ashton on Mersey) 41
3 Jenny Page (Sale) & Terry Crewe (Sale) 41
4 Gerry Gee (Chorlton) & Daniel Castille (Chorlton) 40
5 Andy Kershaw (Ellesmere) & Louise Aspden (Ellesmere) 39
6 Sonia McCann (Sale) & David Carlisle (Sale) 38
7 Kevin Shea (Bolton Old Links) & Brenda Brooks (Bolton Old Links) 38
8 Pat Jackson (Worsley) & Simon Whitehead (Worsley) 38
9 Peter Moss (Bolton Old Links) & Sally Ann Attwood (Bolton OL) 38
10 Jan Kenwright (Haydock Park) & Kevin Eyre (Haydock Park) 38
11 Sue Rudman (Worsley Marriott) & Alan Rudman (Worsley Marriott) 38
12 Keith Liddle (Blackley) & Lisa Liddle (Blackley) 38
13 Moby Rawthore (Sale) & Cath Rawthore (Sale) 37
14 Greg Norbury (Flixton) & Judith Godley (Flixton) 36
16 John Davies (Davyhulme Park) & Bridget Elmore (Sale) 36
16 Michael Smith (Blackley) & Sophia Garrity (Blackley) 36
17 Wendy Turner (Haydock Park) & Colin Turner (Leigh) 35
18 Captain (Sale) & Lady Captain (Sale) 35
19 Jimmy O’Reilly (Swinton Park) & Dot Hayes (Bolton Old Links) 35
20 Howard Johnston (Sale) & Matilda Botman (Sale) 35
21 Bob Etherington (Sale) & Sue Royle (Sale) 34
22 Fiona Flanagan (Sale) & Stephen Rourke (Sale) 33
23 Phil Coleman (Bolton Old Links) & Carole Coleman (Bolton OL) 31
24 Dave Paxton (Chorlton) & Maggie Morgan (Chorlton) 28
25 Ian Hales (Ringway) & Gwen Wilson (Bolton Old Links) 27