Chris is ready for an exciting year ahead

CHRIS Bibby (pictured) is looking forward to an exciting and challenging year at Bury Golf Club following his recent appointment at the club in a short move from Whitefield.
It will be Bury’s Centenary year in 2022 and it will be a busy and exciting year for all at the historic club.
Chris has had a few tough challenges along the way to his new post as he explains.
“I started playing golf at Haydock Park Golf Club when I was eight yrs old with my Mum and Dad.
I became Assistant Professional at 16/17years old to Peter Kenwright at Haydock Park GC.
To enhance my career I went to Abu Dhabi teaching and then on to America for a short period of teaching.
I have an amazing wife and three wonderful children-seventeen, eight and four years old.
I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2015 and lost the feeling in my right side (still to this day I have no sensation in my right hand and legs). I was heavily reliant on the use of a wheelchair, which I still require to this day.
I also suffer from PTSD, Functional Neurological Disorder and Psoriatic Arthritis which caused excessive inflammation of the joints and muscle spasms which deteriorated so much that I was unable to even walk at one stage.
I am not ashamed to admit that It got to the point where I wondered whether life was still worth living.
It got to a stage where it was really bad. I’m not going to lie – it got to a stage where I said to my wife ‘I think this is it. I can’t even stand on the range and watch people hit balls’. I was just in agony. How could I teach if I couldn’t show people how to do it?
But I look back on my darkest time when I was in an electric wheelchair and just wanted to end it all. I took myself down to a motorway bridge but then realised I couldn’t get out of the chair to get over the barrier. What a Plonker!!!!
Thankfully, with all the support I’m a lot more positive about the future and my condition.
I became head professional at Whitefield Golf Club in 2018/19. I spent nearly two years at Whitefield and enjoyed my time there making many good friends along the way.
In 2020 I was fortunate to become the head Professional at Bury Golf Club, following in the footsteps of the legend Harry Vardon, the first ever club professional at Bury and I am proud to be the head professional at a club steeped in such history and heritage.
Now to the future -During these first two months we have totally revamped and refurbished the professional's shop with more improvements to come.
We have also built a club repairs / regripping workshop with the footprint of the shop.
The shop benefits from being part of the Foremost buying group and we have invested and utilise XPOS Caddie.This is an APP for members to stay in touch / purchase and view their accounts and purchases in real time via their smart phones or tablets.
Coaching packages are now available at the club with myself or much respected professional Andrew Baguley.
Free Ladies Group Sessions have been introduced every Thursday and will continue over the winter months.
The Junior Section has been overhauled with the help of Sue Warrington and Dave Richardson and Free Junior Coaching will now continue with a view to developing a strong junior section / team and events at Bury GC.
We are currently working towards the building of a state of the Art Golf Studio along with an additional Custom Fit Zone and Putting Studio.  With the fantastic support of Bury Golf Club and the Board we aim to have this facility open during 2021.
Finally with the work of our Head Greenkeeper Dave Berry we will be redeveloping the short game area into one of the best short game practice areas in the North West.”
Chris was talking to Geoff Garnett.