New trees planted to enhance the scenic Fairfield Golf Club

FAIRFIELD Golf Club has always been proud of the attractive and scenic nature of their club on the edge of Debdale reservoirs.
In the past 20 years the club has seen a massive overhaul and redesign of their excellent course, including a fabulous new clubhouse.
At the heart of the fantastic course development has been head green keeper Eddie Lowe and he is delighted with the new initiative of planting more trees in chosen areas of the course
Eddie said: “I joined Fairfield Golf club in 1983 from Stamford Golf Club and have now been here 38 years.
The tree planting that we have been doing is from the Woodland Trust and the trees were given free of charge.
In previous years we have had trees donated by Manchester City, to offset their carbon footprint, and an earlier Woodland Trust donation along with donations from members to remember a loved one.
Over 400 items have been donated and range from native species, Oak and Hazel to hedge species Hawthorn Blackthorn and Wildlife supporting species such as Rowan Cherry and Crab Apple.
It is hoped this will encourage consistency in the local wildlife that is already present and also encourage more donations in the future.
I would like to thank our club manager Carol Phillips for her work on applying for the trees and of course, the green staff for their hard work and input into the course in maintaining it for the future, and the board for giving us the opportunity to improve the golf course environment for future generations to visit and enjoy.”

Fairfield Golf Club’s long-serving and popular professional Steve Pownell is looking for an assistant professional to carry out the bulk of the teaching duties of which there is great potential plus limited shop hours.
Anyone who thinks that they fit the bill can contact Steve at the club pro shop on 0161 370 1892.

Geoff Garnett