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Golf prolongs active life!

GOLF has always been recommended as a sport for longevity with the exercise and social benefits and this is demonstrated very well at the scenic Mellor and Townscliffe Golf Club.
The club is very proud to have seven life members who personify this perfectly.
Mellor manager Carol Butler said: “We got five of them to turn up at the club to have photographs taken. Sadly we couldn't get them all together as Ian Brooks and Jerry Baggs could not attend on the day of the photographs but Ian Smith, Graham Bailey, David Edge, Brian Lewis and our latest recruit; John Easter were there..
Between them, they are 567 years old, have been members for 381 years and have a handicap total of just 142.
All bar one of the guys still play every week they've had at least 24 holes in one, there are two past presidents, and two past captains, one of whom has spent 37 years on the club's council and been chair of greens for most of those!
Another piece of club memorabilia was the Centenary medal which Ian Smith brought with him.These silver medals were awarded to players who won a monthly medal in our centenary year of 1994 and he was one of them
Ian remembers that membership cost just eight guineas when he joined the club in the early 60's and John Easter brought his letter of acceptance into the club from 1970, where he paid a £10 entrance fee and 18 guinea subscription!
No doubt plenty of other clubs in the county have similar stories and memories and our life members are justifiably proud of theirs.”

Geoff Garnett