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Junior golf thriving again at Chorlton

OVER the years Chorlton Golf Club has been very proud of the top juniors, such as Alistair Waddell and Cameron Massey, it has developed at its historic home of Barlow Hall.
This has unfortunately, like many other clubs, declined in recent years when they have had very few juniors at the club.
Now, in line with what England Golf and the Cheshire Union of Golf Clubs are aiming for, there has been a great resurgence of junior golf at Chorlton.
At the heart of it has been Chorlton professional Dave Mackinnon’s assistant Tom Rowland who has been working hard at the project for the last two years.
Tom, who began his golf at Vicars Cross GC and whose golfing inspiration was Tiger Woods, said: “When I first started the juniors around two years ago, the numbers were very low, 1-4 I would say.
Now we have 16 attending most weeks for coaching sessions which is great. The development has spread by word of mouth, it hasn’t been massively advertised. 
The next stage for the juniors is to start creating a junior team, where the players compete against other clubs and all have official handicaps.
During the upcoming summer holiday there is going to be junior competitions running, starting with 7 hole competitions , potentially moving on to 18. 
The response from the members and the committee at Chorlton has been great.
The greenkeepers and members have designed a new area with six raised artificial turfed platforms and various targets, which has gone down superbly with the juniors and their parents.
We would give any more aspiring juniors a warm welcome and they can find out more by ringing the pro shop on 0161 881 9911.”

Geoff Garnett